Seeds & Seedlings

Recommended Seedling-Starting Recipe

4 cups of garden compost

1 cup of perlite

1 cup of vermiculite

2 cups coir or peat moss
This mix attempts to establish an equilibrium between water retention and drainage, both of which are essential for successful seed startings. Some floral seeds have the tendency to be a lot more sensitive to excessive humidity. For those sensitive seeds, the mix can be adjusted, making use of much less garden compost as well as substituting coir for peat moss. Peat moss and perlite often lighten the mix permitting it to drain faster. On the other hand, garden compost, vermiculite, and also coir raise dampness levels. The garden compost in the mix is made mainly from shredded fallen leaves and also various other yard waste but make sure to prevent the inclusion of any type of organic product that may inadvertently import weed seeds into the mix. Having garden compost as part of the recipe allows for seedlings to be seldom fed until they are relocated outdoors as the garden compost inherently provides the fertiliser needed by seedlings when they are just starting out. Garden compost additionally counters the normal level of acidity of peat moss. In blends that do not consist of garden compost, include 1/4 tablespoon of lime for each gallon of mix.