Artificial grass

These days the artificial grass that is made from synthetic material is a pretty good substitute for the real thing. In the recent past, it was often only used in sports fields and other public venues but today it is being used as the lawn of choice by increasing numbers of businesses and is even now starting to 320px-Kunstgressinfiltrate the home garden. Its one over-riding strength is that it needs very little maintenance to keep it looking good even when it is placed under duress, and it obviously does not need to be watered or mowed. However, there are a few small disadvantages to the artificial grass that some might want to consider before purchasing. Unlike real grass, the artificial equivalent cannot regenerate itself and needs to be replaced occasionally. Its lifespan will depend on how heavily it is used but one should remember that for the home garden, this translates into years so may not be a factor. For similar reasons, synthetic turf also needs to be periodically cleaned whereas real grass would simply (or not so simply!!) regenerate itself. And one final booboo to consider is that to manufacture the synthetic material, petroleum is needed along with other toxic chemicals, and so is not as ‘green’ as one would like it to be.

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