Garden lighting fixtures

Common Materials Used for the fixtures

ABS Plastic: Cheap, corrosion-resistant, and impact-resistant.  They are also suitable for coastal locations, which can be very aggressive due to the high salt levels in the air and the abrasive sand carried in the wind. It has the disadvantage that the colour may fade and it may become brittle after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Painted Steel: Painted steel fixtures are relatively inexpensive and can last for a considerable time if carefully looked after. They are not suitable for coastal locations as they will rust very quickly especially if the paint finish becomes damaged.

Aluminium: Cast aluminium lights are reasonably priced and will last a very long time if properly cared for. They are normally chromate treated before the final finish. The chromate layer offers excellent adhesion to the top layer and offers longer anti-corrosion properties. Although aluminium will not rust, if the protective paint and chromate layer are damaged, it will begin to oxidize almost immediately.

Stainless Steel: Although stainless steel is very corrosion resistant, it will stain if subjected to harsh environments. Stainless steel garden lights can vary hugely in price depending on the grade of stainless steel used in their manufacture. Higher-grade stainless steel lights are very well suited to coastal locations and will last a lifetime if properly looked after.

Brass: When used outdoors, we recommend that brass lights are not lacquered. Lacquer does not withstand long periods of sunlight and will eventually degrade and begin to peel. Un-lacquered brass will continue to look great even as they age and weather in time. They can also be brought back to their original state by using any fine metal polish. Brass garden lights will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance and are also well suited to coastal locations.

Copper: Copper will not rust or deteriorate in any way and is perfectly suited to harsh environments. Copper should not be lacquered. Un-lacquered copper outdoor lights will age and weather in time and eventually will be covered in Verdi Gris. They can be brought back to as new by using any fine metal polish. Copper garden lights will last a lifetime and are well suited to coastal locations.